Cross-country Courses

Rowsell Equestrian Design designs and constructs cross-country courses for all levels of competitive eventing and for training purposes at equestrian facilities.  The company has the capabilities to be involved at any stage of the process, from planning to final completion.
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Equestrian Facility Design

Rowsell Equestrian Design plans, designs and oversees one-of-a-kind equestrian facilities.  The company is known for its innovation, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Precision and practicality are governing principles. 
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Order Portable jumps

Rowsell Equestrian Design creates obstacles to order for specific situations, and has an inventory of ready-made jumps.  Combine R.E.D. jumps however you choose.
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Morgan Rowsell, Designer

Morgan Rowsell, owner of Rowsell Equestrian Design, is a leading, licensed cross-country course designer and builder.  He currently works with some of the most important US competitive events and equestrian training facilities, such as Rocking Horse, Jersey Fresh, Seneca Valley, Flora Lea, ESDCTA, Difficult Run and Radnor. Read More »

Case Studies