Case Studies from R.E.D.

  • Rocking Horse, FL

    Rocking Horse offers some of the most challenging cross-country work for course designers. The venue hosts frequent events throughout the year that advance in level and complexity according to the season. The challenge is to create fresh and exciting experiences for riders who are regulars while leveraging existing obstacle components as much as possible. This can demand even more creativity than starting from scratch. Morgan has been building courses at Rocking Horse

  • Jersey Fresh

    Jersey Fresh Events, with an international level cross-country course, hosts several competitions throughout the year, including some of the only CCI*** and CCI** events held in the US. In less than a decade of starting up, Jersey Fresh has become a world-class venue. Riders at Jersey Fresh often compete to qualify for the Olympics, Pan American Games and World Equestrian Games. Like the events themselves, event preparation at Jersey Fresh is fast-paced and demanding. Organizers

  • AutoCAD design’s of obstacles and courses

    AutoCAD design's of Obstacles and Courses