Morgan Rowsell

Morgan Rowsell, owner of Rowsell Equestrian Design, is a leading, licensed cross-country course designer and builder. He currently works with some of the most important US competitive events and equestrian training facilities, such as Rocking Horse, Jersey Fresh, Seneca Valley, Flora Lea, ESDCTA, Difficult Run and Radnor.

Morgan began his career working for –and then alongside – many of the most respected names in the cross-country world, including John Williams, Mark Phillips, Mike Etherington Smith, Tommy Brennon and Traimain Cooper. Having learned the ropes from the best, Morgan went on to complete the rigorous intellectual and practical accreditations necessary to becoming an independent designer. Now successful in his own right, his experience includes projects in the US, Ireland and Latin America.

Pressed by demand from his clients, Morgan added planning and designing equestrian facilities to the services offered by Rowsell Equestrian Design, with inspired results.

Morgan is an experienced equestrian, who enjoys cross-country eventing, fox-hunting, polo and show-jumping. He is married to Virginia Jenkins Rowsell, an Advanced Rider and former United States Equestrian Team (USET) competitor. They live with their two children in NJ, close to Hamilton Farm, home of USET.